Kirby Pet Owners Carpet Shampoo: 1 gal.

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8.82 LBS
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Product Description

Ever walk into a house and know immediately who – or what – lives there? Don’t let that be you. Your pets, as precious as they are, don’t need to overwhelm the house with their unique aromas. Finally, there’s a pet carpet cleaner that takes care of the dirt and odor left behind by the four-legged members of your family. Our superior soil removal formula penetrates your carpet with deep-cleaning, dry foam action, fortified with enzymes to eliminate pet dander, oils and stains.

  • Enzymes attack stains and odors
  • Cleans and deodorizes in one step
  • Leaves no dirt-attracting residue
  • Fresh lavender scent

For accidents and stains, use our pet carpet cleaner and get tips on how to get pet stains out of carpet and upholstery.